One word Substitution Asked in SSC CGL 2019 TIER-1 Exam with Quiz


One word Substitution Asked in SSC CGL 2019 TIER-1 Exam with Quiz

Thanks to our readers, we have compiled all questions papers of One word Substitution Asked in SSC CGL 2019 TIER-1 Exam with Quiz. You may download it from the link provided below.
SSC CGL 2020 online exam for Tier-I round was conducted from 3rd to 9th March, 2020 while the Tier-II & Tier-III exam is scheduled to be held from 22nd June to 25th June 2020. The Result & Cut-Off links for SSC CGL Tier-1 exam are given below in this article. The online recruitment process for CGL 2020-21 will begin on 15th September 2020.
These papers are very important for upcoming SSC CHSL 2019 Exam & SSC CGL 2020
One word Substitution Asked in SSC CGL 2019 TIER-1 Exam with Quiz

1. Something that cannot be heard- Inaudible (अश्राव्य)

2. A song sung at a burial –Dirge (शोकगीत)

3. A period of ten yearsDecade(दशक)

4. One who leaves his own country to settle in another-Emigrant(उत्प्रवासी)

5. A place where clothes are keptWardrobe(अलमारी)

6. A person very reserved in speechReticent(मौन रहने वाला)

7. Morals that govern one’s behaviourEthics(आचार विचार)

8. Open refusal to obey orders-Defiance(अवज्ञा)

9. One who loads and unloads ships.-Stevedore(जहाज़ पर का माल उतारने-चढ़ानेवाला)

10. A sudden rush of a large number of frightened people or animals.-Stampede(भगदड़)

11. One who is preoccupied with his own interests-Egoist(अहंवादी)

12. A geometrical figure with eight sides-Octagon(अष्टकोना)

13. One who loves his country-Patriot(देश-भक्त)

14. Incapable of paying debts-Insolvent(दिवालिया)

15. A long and aggressive speech-Harangue(भाषण)

16. The school or college in which one has been educated-Alma Mater(मातृ संस्था)

17. Enclosed area where aircraft are kept and repaired-Hangar(हैंगर)

18. A short story with a moral, usually with animals as characters-Fable(कल्पित कहानी)

19. Having two opposing feelings at the same time-Ambivalent

20. A group of ships-Fleet(बेड़ा)

21. Pertaining to an individual from birth-Congenital(जन्मजात)

22. To increase the speed-Accelerate(में तेजी लाने)

23. A person who attracts attention with a flashy style-Flamboyant(चमकीला)

24. A person who preaches religion and is considered to be a messenger of God.-Prophet(नबी)

25. A game in which neither party wins-Draw

26. That which cannot be satisfied-Insatiable(लालची)

27. A place where plants are grown for sale-Nursery(नर्सरी)

28. Putting to death painlessly to end suffering-Euthanasia(इच्छामृत्यु)

29. To rise in value-Appreciate(सराहना)

30 .To brighten up with lights-Illuminate(रोशन)

31. Central character in a story or play-Protagonist(नायक)

32. Person or animal living on another-Parasite(परजीवी)

33. Having something more than required-Surplus(अतिरिक्त)

34. Anger about an unfair situation or about someone’s unfair behaviour-Indignation(रोष)

35. A building where grain is kept or stored-Granary(धान्यागार)

36. Working very hard and very carefully-Diligent (मेहनती)

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