SSC CHSL Tier-I 2018 Exam Analysis & Questions: [12.03.2018]

SSC CHSL Tier-I 2018 Exam Analysis Shift-1 [12.03.2018]

Dear students, Today is the 9th day and first shift of SSC CHSL 2018 ExamThe Exam will be conducted by SSC from 4th March to 26th March 2018.We are providing Exam analysis of SSC CHSL 2018 Exam Shift-1, so that all other aspirants can get an overall and clear idea about exam pattern and difficulty level. The SSC CHSL 2018 Exam is being held in online mode. So dear students, without much ado, let’s get straight to the detailed  Exam analysis.

The important dates for SSC CHSL 2018 Exam  are:

  • SSC CHSL Tier-1 Exam: 4th March to 26th March 2018 

The timing Of SSC CHSL 2018 Exam:

  • 10:00-11:00 am
  • 1:30-2:30 pm
  • 4:30-5:30 pm
Section Level Good Attempts
English Language Easy-Moderate 16-18
Quantitative Aptitude Moderate 18-19
General Intelligence Easy 20-21
General Awareness Moderate 14-16
Overall Easy-Moderate 71-76


English Language

In SSC CHSL Tier-1 Exam 2018, English language section was easy-Moderate, this time there were no RC(Reading Comprehension) instead there were 1 Cloze Test with 5 questions based on it and questions from it were of easy-moderate level.


Cloze test was based on Indian & American markets.

Quantitative Aptitude

In SSC CHSL Tier-1 Exam 2018, Quantitative Aptitude was of Moderate Level. Most of the questions were based directly on Formulas and some were calculative.

There were 1 DI in the Exam: Pie chart

General Intelligence

In SSC CHSL Tier-1 Exam 2018, General Intelligence(Reasoning) questions were of Easy level. There were only 1 questions from image.

General Awareness

In SSC CHSL Tier-1 Exam 2018, General Awareness questions were asked from all aspects of GA, especially from Science section, if you have basic knowledge of Science, then you can easily score good marks in GA Section. In Current Affairs, 3-4 questions were asked. Questions were asked from constitution in polity.

Some questions from exam:

  1. What is the SI unit of G?
    2. Rank of Pakistan according to population?
    3. Which type of medicine used in Indigestion?
    4. Who runs the Parliament?

(a) Speaker of Loksabha,

(b) President of India,

(c) Prime minister
5. Which provide more electricity?

(a) atomic power,

(b) thermal power station,

(c) wind power station,

(d) hydro power station
6. Title of Babar after which fight?
7. Which one is wrong from the given option
(a) Thermometer, temperature
(b) Barometer, pressure
(c) Length, mass
8. Chamera dam located is in which state of India?
9. Which of the following is not considered a debt?
(a) commercial papers
(b) stocks
10. Leeuwenhoek saw free living cells. Where did he saw
(a) sea water
(b) pond water
(c) humans..
11. After which fight Akbar assumed the title Ghazi?
12. What is the frequency of updation of commercial taxes?
(a) half yearly
(b) monthly
(c) quarterly
(d) yearly
13. One question was about ancient monuments bill passed in Jan 2018? How many companies were assigned the 14 monuments

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