RRB ALP All Shift Exam Paper Held On 20th August 2018- In English Lang.


RRB ALP All Shift Exam Paper Held On 20th August 2018- In English Lang.

20 Aug 2nd Shift

General Awareness

1 ball thrown upwards after reaching 80 m heights ball fall down then what is the distance cover after 7 sec throwing the ball?!

• Which acid is used in digestion system?

• Reproductive organs of flower

• PH value of human body

• NaCl is a Acid or Base?

• Unit of Current? – Ampere

• Chemical formula of Laughing gas?

• Periodic table – 5 QS • Gravitational Constant -10

• Chairman of AICTE? – Anil Sahasrabudhe

Host Country for Fifa Under 17 world cup – India

• Kaziranga National Park – Assam

• Outlook administer award – Naveen Patnaik

• GST is applied in which month? – July

• Which gas was used in World War 2 – Chlorine

• When did India’s First Metro Start – 24 October 1984

• Who invented Television?- Philo Farnsworth, Charles Francis Jenkins,

John Logie Baird

In which field R Ashwin has taken 300 wickets? – Nagpur

• In which state PM Modi has inaugurated a Shiv Temple? – Abu Dhabi

General Awareness

20 Aug 1st Shift 

Maximum red soil is found in which state?

• Entomology is the study of – Insects

• Indraprastha city is founded by which dynasty –

• Who founded Delhi Dynasty –

• President of ISRO – Kiran Kumar

• CM of Arunachal Pradesh? – Pema Khandu

• Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award relative 2018 – Bappi Lahiri and

Mala Sinha

• Which politician actor got Lifetime achievement award – Shatrughan

Sinha • Author of the book Suitable Boy – Vikram Seth

• First Malayalam movie who crossed 100 crore club – Puli Murugam

• Name of the airport in Tamil Nadu?

• Who founded Lal Kot in Delhi?

• Which gas was used in World War II?

• Who scored the highest centuries in ODI matches in 2016?

• Who is responsible for transfer of food, Oxygen and Nitrogenic food?

• What is the pH level of Acid?

• Chemical name of Vitamin B6?

• Blood purification is done by which organ in human body?

• pH value related question