RRB Group D 3rd October 2018 All Shifts Questions PDF


RRB Group D 3rd October 2018 All Shifts Questions PDF

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» Which gas is Gobar gas? – Methane

» How Amoeba divide? – Binary Fission

» Name the best malleable metal? gold.

» Who is discovered insulin? – Frederick Banting

» What is the scientific name of Solar Cell? – Photovoltaic

» Balance of body is maintained by which part of brain? – Cerebellum

» Who is the father of Genetics? – Gregor Mendel

» Sundari trees are found in which type of forest? Mangrove

» How many metalloids are present in the Periodic table? Eight boron (B), silicon (Si), germanium (Ge), arsenic (As), antimony (Sb), tellurium (Te), polonium (Po) and astatine (At) 

» What is the molecular mass of water? – 18.01 g/mol

» Who is the Chief Secretary of Delhi Govt? – Anshu Prakash

» What is the name of the lake that falls between Secunderabad and Hyderabad? – Hussain Sagar Lake

» In which section of the constitution the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe is mentioned? – Article 341 & 342

» In which state is the Kozikode harbor situated? – Kerala

» Which is the third Highest National Award in India? – Padma Bhushan

» Who is the author of the book ‘Why I am a Hindu”? – Shashi Tharoor


» What is the original name of Savita Ambedkar?  डॉ. सविता भीमराव आंबेडकर

» Who got the Best Social Film Award? Aalorukkam

» Who was the first Indian member of Communist International Society? MN roy

» When was United Nations established? 24 October 1945

» Who played lead role in the movie NEWTON? – Rajkumar Rao

» Who has the highest follower in twitter in India? – Narendra Modi

» Who is the Ambassador of One Plus Mobile? – Amitabh Bachchan

» Where is Salt Lake Stadium situated? – Kolkata

» Questions from Nobel Prize – ICAN

» Best movie at IIFA Awards 2018? – Tumhari Sulu

» Which region is present on the banks of Sabarmati River? – Ahmedabad

» Who got Khel Ratna Award 2017? – Devendra Jhajharia,Sardara Singh

» First Indian Women to win Medal in Olympics – Karnam Malleswari

» From where do Toda tribe belong? – Tamil Nadu

» Who wrote the book “One Indian Girl’? – Chetan Bhagat

» Who is the governor of Odisha? – SC Jamir

» Who is the CM of Uttarakhand? – Trivendra Singh Rawat

» Who is the CEO of LAVA? – Vishal Sehgal


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