Railway Group-D Questions ( All I+II+III Shift) 18 Sep 2018 PDF Download


Railway Group-D Questions ( All I+II+III Shift) 18 Sep 2018 PDF Download

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In this Post we are sharing you Railway Group-D Questions ( All I+II+III Shift) 18 Sep 2018 PDF Download. You may download this link provided below.

  • Molecular mass of O2? 2×16=32
  • Which person resigned from the position of Head coach of Indian cricket in 2017? Anil Kumble
  •  Why does the sky appear white? Scattering of Light
  • One question related to History of Goa.Who is the winner of the Golden Boot award 2018? Harry Kane
  • Name of the Book written by Raghu Ram Rajan? I do what I do
  • Find the odd one out-Garlic, ginger, chilly, one more option?
  • Find the Square root of 0.00069169? 0.0263
  • Unit of Energy? Joule
  • One question related to Big Boss.Who received NABARD 2018 award? Repco Micro Finance
  • Founder of Paytm? Vijay Shekhar Sharma
  • One question related to Ore of Mercury
  • .LCM of 20, 28, 108 and 105?
  •  Question on Deputy Governor of RBI.
  • Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi kicked-off a social media campaign to mark 11th August as? Daughters’ Day
  • Halogen is placed in which group? Group 17
  • Which plant is not categorised as root stem and leaf?
  • Find the odd one out of Acne Hair Nail Toe? Toe
  • Filmfare best actor award? 2017- Aamir Khan, 2018- Irfan Khan
  • One question related to Minimata Disease.Femina Miss India Winner? 2018- Anukreethy Vas
  • Which state won the best Tablaeu prize in Republic Day Parade? Maharashtra
  • Pravasi Bharatiya day? 9th January
  • Largest Bone in Human Body? Femur
  • Saudi Arabia fastest train name? Harmain
  • What is the chemical name of calcium hydroxide? Slaked Lime CA(OH)2
  • One question to related to financial Inclusion Scheme, Jan Dhan Yojana.
  • Which country has won the U-19 Cricket World Cup, the highest no. of times? India (4 Times)
  • The longest river in Europe? Volga River
  • One question related to writer KR Meera book about politics.One question related to Yoga Mobile App. Celebrating Yoga
  • National Voters Day? 25th January
  • Calendar Question: 26, March 2006, was? Sunday
  • Among the following options, choose the element which is malleable & ductile? Copper Which state won topped the list in Khelo India Games? Haryana
  • Who classified the elements on the basis of Atomic number? Henry Moseley
  • Which substance contains 5 to 8% of acetylene?sin60 + cos60 + tan45?The novel “Black Hill” is written by?Who released the commemorative coins in denominations of ₹10 and ₹1000 on Lord Jagannath’s Nabakalebar festival? President Ram Nath Kovind
  • Yuzvendra Chahal is related to which sport? Cricket
  • Who won the Golden Glove Award in FIFA Word Cup 2018? Thibault Courtois
  • When was Rowlatt Act came into effect? 1919
  • Gandhi Sagar Dam is located in which state? Madhya Pradesh
  • Which portal was launched by Vice President, Venkaiah Naidu? National Sports Talent Search Portal’
  • One question related to potential energy (mgh).
  • One question related to eka-aluminumOne question related to Padmashri AwardBledow desert is located in which country? Poland
  • IIFA best actress award: Aishwarya Rai
  • Oldest fort in Goa? Chapora Fort
  • What is the SI unit of power of the lens? Dioptre150 units of energy during a month. How much energy is this in joules? 150 x 3.6 x 10^6
  • One question related to the rh factor.Which color in VIBGYOR has the least wavelength? Violet
  • Who is the father of Genetics? Gregor Mendel
  • Which noble gas has the highest ionization energy? Helium
  • Who played the role of Bhallaldev in movie Baahubali? Rana Daggubati

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