Fill in the Blanks Solved Paper From SSC CGL 2017 Exams

Fill in the Blanks Solved Paper From SSC CGL 2017 Exams

Fill in the Blanks Solved Paper From SSC CGL 2017 Exams

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In this Post we are sharing you  All Fill in the Blanks Solved Paper From SSC CGL 2017 Exam. Solved Questions PDF  asked in the Exams SSC CGL TIER-I 2017 . There were total 86 Questions asked in English(Fill in the  blanks). We have included topic- wise Questions . You can download this link provided below.

Fill in the Blanks Solved Paper From SSC CGL 2017 Exams

Q1.The higher you climb, the more difficult it _____ to breathe.

(A) became

(B) becomes

(C) has become

(D) is becoming

Correct Answer becomes

Explanation-Structure the + comparative adjective + clause + the + comparative adjective + clause – to show proportionate increase or decrease.

Both the clauses should be in the same tense

Use simple present tense in the second clause – becomes (singular verb), as the subject “It” is singular.

Q2. Neha has been crying _____ morning.

(A) from

(B) of

(C) since

(D) till

Correct Answer since

Q3.The employee did not _____ to the argument of the manager.

(A) precede

(B) exceed

(C) concede

(D) recede

Correct Answer (C) concede

Explanation – precede -बेहतर होना, पूर्व में होना; exceed – बढ़ना; concede – स्वीकार करना; recede – पीछे हटना

Q4. He was sworn _____ as the Prime Minister of our country.

(A) in

(B) of

(C) about

(D) out

Correct Answer(A) in

Q.5.Rituals play into the __________ understandings of a society.

(A) tactfully

(B) tacit

(C) taciturn

(D) tacitly

Correct Answer (B) tacit

Q.6. Repetition bred a sense of _____________ with the characters.

(A) familiarity

(B) familiar

(C) familiarly

(D) familiarise

Correct Answer (A) familiarity

Q.7. I sensed the __________ of the argument.

(A) beautiful

(B) beautifully

(C) beauty

(D) beautification

Correct Answer beauty

Q.8.The beans are _____________ turned to avoid burning.

(A) constant

(B) constants

(C) constantly

(D) constantedly

Correct Answer constantly

Explanation – constantly (adv) means continually , regularly. To modify verb turned we need an adverb , the correct answer should be adverb constantly To satisfy the sentence.

Q.9. Fourteen kilometres ______ not a short distance, to reach to my office daily.

(A) are

(B) has

(C) have

(D) is

Correct Answer (D) is

Q10. Good reading ______ the sense of liberal educated mind.

(A) beliefs

(B) leads

(C) reflects

(D) starts

Correct Answer reflects

Explanation – reflects – दर्शाता है.

Q11.He _____ to the problem of air pollution in his speech.

(A) averted

(B) adverted

(C) exclaimed

(D) mentioned

Correct Answer adverted

Q12. Rohan is so magnanimous that everyone is always _____ to help him in his project.

(A) eager

(B) enthusiastic

(C) reluctant

(D) ignorant

Correct Answer eager

Q13.(A(C. My sister’s marriage passed _____ peacefully.

(A) away

(B) by

(C) off

(D) out

Correct Answer off

Q14. There are _____ books on computer science in your school library, so you need to purchase them from the market.

(A) a few

(B) a little

(C) few

(D) the few

Correct Answer few

Q.15.Don’t loiter _____ the corridor.

(A) around

(B) off

(C) of

(D) At

Correct Answer around

Q.16 I will scold him when _____.

(A) he will come

(B) he comes

(C) he would come

(D) he had come.

Correct Answer he comes

Q.17. He could excel in his board exams only after _____ very hard.

(A) continuing

(B) functioning

(C) learning

(D) Toiling

Correct Answer toiling

Explanation – Toil – To labour continuously

Q .18. He _____ his camera on the table.

(A) laid

(B) lain

(C) lay

(D) lie

Correct Answer laid

Explanation – lain –अन्य; lay – रखना; lie – झूठ; laid – Simpe past form of verb ‘lay’

Q.19.Simple past tense sentence structure -subject + second form of verb (Simpe past form of verb)

(A) If

(B) Till

(C) Until

(D) Unless

Correct Answer Unless

Explanation – “until” and “unless” may be used as preposition or conjunction with negative meaning ; use “unless” when the condition is set ,ex – He will not lend you money unless you give him security..

Q .20.Corruption is a standing hindrance _____ the nation’s development.

(A) of

(B) over

(C) to

(D) up on

Correct Answer to

Explanation – Phrasal verb “hindrance to” means something that makes it more difficult for you to do or to develop something..

Q .21. God is _____.

(A) immanent

(B) mortal

(C) imminent

(D) deference

Correct Answer immanent

Examination – immanent – निरंतर, व्याप्त , अंतर्यामी ; mortal – नाशवान, imminent – निकटस्थ, deference – सम्मान;

Examination – ‘God is immanent in creation’.

Q.22. Riya _____ her matriculation examination in (B0(A6.

(A) completed

(B) passed

(C) obtained

(D) gathered

Correct Answer passed

Explanation – Examination is passed not completed/ obtained/ gathered ,for example – She passed the examination with flying colors.

Q .23.The elephant stampeded and tore _____ the streets.

(A) on

(B) out

(C) off

(D) down

Correct Answer down

Example – Tear down – If you tear something down, you destroy it or remove it completely.

Example – They are going to tear down the old hospital and build a new one.

(Stampede – पशुओं की आकस्मिक भगदड़)

Q .24. _____ the rain stopped, the concert had to be suspended.

(A) Until

(B) Unless

(C) Till

(D) while

Correct Answer Until

Q.25. Keith has _____ with a failure in English examination thrice.

(A) caught

(B) gone

(C) got

(D) met

Correct Answer met


Q .26. The manager was _____ an explanation of his conduct.

(A) called for

(B) called off

(C) called to

(D) called up

Correct Answer called for- publicly ask for or demand.

Q.27. Virat Kohli added another feather _____ his cap by his wonderful performance in the one day match.

(A) In

(B) to

(C) into

(D) on

Correct Answer In

Q .28. Only when _____ failed, the army resorted to force.

(A) efforts

(B) arrests

(C) persuasions

(D) manipulations

Correct Answer persuasions

Q.29. John as well as his friends always _____ the permission of his mother before going for a rugby match.

(A) asks

(B) receives

(C) seeks

(D) Soughts

Correct Answer seeks

Q.30. My sister unlike my brothers __________ to have a career in Engineering.

(A) wants

(B) want

(C) wish

(D) Aspire

Correct Answer wants

Q .31. It is mainly due to Peter’s lethargy that the plan fell _____.

(A) off

(B) through

(C) in

(D) Out

Correct Answer through

Q.312. Mother shall return _____ an hour.

(A) in

(B) After

(C) during

(D) within

Correct Answer within

Q.33 My father did not approve ______ the plan of travelling to Uttarakhand because of bad weather there.

(A) of

(B) one

(C) to

(D) With

Correct Answer of

Q .34. I settled ______ Canada last year.

(A) at

(B) in

(C) off

(D) On

Correct Answer in

Q.35. His father _____ him up in a construction business.

(A) built

(B) hold

(C) keep

(D) Set

Correct Answer set

Explanation – phrasal verb “set up something/someone in something” means to establish.

Example – His father set him up in the family business.

Q .36. I have _____ respect for his achievement.

(A) abundant

(B) profound

(C) strong

(D) Unique

Correct Answer ((B) profound

Explanation – abundant – प्रचुर , profound – अत्यंत , strong – मज़बूत , unique – अनोखा

Q.37. The meeting was presided _____ by the Chairman.

(A) over

(B) upon

(C) of

(D) In

Correct Answer over

Q.38. Being a _____ doctor, he never shirks work.

(A) conscious

(B) conscience

(C) conscientious

(D) Consensus

Correct Answer conscientious

Explanation -– conscious – जागरूक, conscience – विवेक , conscientious – ईमानदार , consensus – आम सहमति

The correct answer should be conscientious .

( Shirk – काम चोर )

Q .39. Both taciturn and _____ , Daniel seldom spoke and never spent money.

(A) wary

(B) cheap

(C) discreet

(D) Miserly

Correct Answer miserly

Explanation – miserly – कंजूस

Q .40. He was too _____ to make a statement before the Boss.

(A) shy

(B) Tired

(C) timid

(D) coward

Correct Answer timid

(A) at

(B) On

(C) of

(D) with

Correct Answer at

Q .41. Due to the security reasons we were _____ from entering into the cockpit of the plane.

(A) denied

(B) rejected

(C) stopped

(D) warned

Correct Answer stopped

Q.42. Neha’s mother was annoyed with her as she could not _____ her examination.

(A) Get off

(B) Get on

(C) Get upon

(D) Get through

Correct Answer Get through

Q .43. I shall _____ her if she apologises to me for her misbehaviour.

(A) pardon

(B) forgive

(C) punish

(D) reprimand

Correct Answer forgive

Q .44. The fun ____________ reduced significantly when mom decided to tag along.

(A) mark

(B) Sign

(C) quotient

(D) moment

Correct Answer quotient

Explanation – quotient – हिस्सा, part, share

Q .45 The shepherd guarded a large ________ of sheep and allowed them to move from pasture to pasture.

(A) block

(B) culture

(C) shoal

(D) flock

Correct Answer flock

Q.46. At night , the hungry orphan would sneak into the kitchen and ——— tiny amounts of food

-(A) Prefer

(B) Lifter

(C) Differ

(D) Pilfer

Correct answer – pilfer

Q.47. As the only ———person in the wacky family , the sensible girl felt like the odd woman out.

-(A) insane

(B) vain

(C) sane

(D) main

Correct answer – sane

Q.48 Everyone was pleased to learn the actor would _________ his role as the captivating pirate.

(A) reprise

(B) rescue

(C) save

(D) free

Correct Answer reprise

Q .49 The diamond necklace was _______ too extravagant for a simple dinner party.

(A) distance

(B) long

(C) very much

(D) far

Correct Answer far

Q .51 The criminal changed his name to an ___________ in order to elude the police.

(A) alternative

(B) alias

(C) option

(D) untrue

Correct Answer alias

Explanation – alternative / option – विकल्प , alias – उर्फ / अन्य नाम , untrue – असत्य

Correct answer is ((B) alias

Q .52 The ___________ my husband and I had was so loud it woke our children.

(A) quarrel

(B) coral

(C) moral

(D) laurel

Correct Answer quarrel

Explanation – quarrel – लड़ाई झगड़ा , coral – प्रवाल , moral – नैतिक , laurel – चमकदार पत्तियों का एक पौधा

The correct answer is ((A) quarrel.

Q .53 Do you ____________ own a copy of Shakespeare’s Hamlet?

(A) chance

(B) chances

(C) perchance

(D) by chances

Correct Answer perchance

Explanation – perchance (adverb) – संयोगवश ,

To modify verb own we need adverb ,the correct answer should be adverb perchance.

Q .54 A police detective often finds himself in the position of having to ___________ between a lie and a truth.

(A) extinguish

(B) distinguish

(C) finish

(D) languish

Correct Answer distinguish

Explanation – extinguish – बुझाना , distinguish – अंतर करना , finish – पूर्ण करना , languish – कमजोर होना / सुस्त होना

The correct option is ((B) distinguish

Q .55 Although the school lunch passed the legal standards, __________ or not it is healthy is debatable.

(A) weather

(B) if

(C) whether

(D) either

Correct Answer whether

Q .56 Seventeen students were needed for a ___________ in order to discuss the topics during the Student Council meeting.

(A) decorum

(B) quota

(C) quorum

(D) quote

Correct Answer quorum

Q .57 Ever since Anita lost her job, she has done _________ but wallow in self-pity.

(A) none

(B) nothing

(C) no

(D) never

Correct Answer nothing

Q .58 As I think back to my childhood, I ____________ recall the fun summers on my grandfather’s farm.

(A) wistfully

(B) fiscally

(C) hopefully

(D) Awfully

Correct Answer wistfully

Q .59 After missing four days of school due to a _________ of flu, Babita struggled to make up for her missing work.

(A) bout

(B) about

(C) amount

(D) array

Correct Answer bout


Q .60 The company refunded the customer’s money in _______________ with the laws.

(A) according

(B) accordingly

(C) accordance

(D) accord

Correct Answer accordance

Q .61 Our nation’s _______________ into another country’s war could pull us into the crisis.

(A) intervention

(B) intention

(C) perfection

(D) invention

Correct Answer intervention


Q .62. As a fitness ___________, Deepti is always preaching to her friends about the importance of working out.

(A) enthusiasm

(B) enthusiast

(C) enthusiastic

(D) enthusiastically

Correct Answer enthusiast

Q .63. Because she had a ______________ demeanour, she was a desirable friend.

-(A) Pleasant

(B) Severe

(C) Mean

(D) nasty

Correct Answer pleasant

Q .64 If your child has not met the ______________ vaccination requirements, he or she will not be allowed to attend public school.

(A) Optional

(B) Referral

(C) Compulsory

(D) Guideline

Correct answer – Compulsory

Q .65 Common adverse __________ of this medication include, bleeding, nausea and vomiting.

(A) Affects

(B) Effect

(C) Effects

(D) Affect

Correct Answer Effects

Q .66 ______________ to my political rival’s statement, the data reveals crime has not increased in this country.

(A) Accepting

(B) Contrary

(C) Reference

(D) Assisting

Correct Answer Contrary

Explanation – Accepting – स्वीकार करना , Contrary – विरोधी , Reference – संदर्भ , Assisting – सहायता करना

Contrary to something – In opposition to something / regardless of something else.

Ex – Contrary to public opinion , I am in support of you.

Q .67. The big stone monument was the only __________ the lost traveller remembered.

(A) specimen

(B) souvenir

(C) piece

(D) landmark

Correct Answer landmark

Q .68 The airline was unable to give us a reason for the ______________ departure delay.

(A) indivisible

(B) invincible

(C) invisible

(D) inexplicable

Correct Answer inexplicable

Q .69 After being given _________ warnings for disrupting class, Thomas was finally sent to the principal’s office.

(A) singular

(B) lone

(C) numerous

(D) unique

Correct Answer numerous

Q .70 The __________ “pretty ugly” implies that a person can be both attractive and unattractive at the same time.

(A) simile

(B) metaphor

(C) alliteration

(D) oxymoron

Correct Answer oxymoron

Explanation – simile – जैसा , metaphor – लक्षण , alliteration – अनुप्रास , oxymoron – विरोधाभास

Q .71. Finding the comedy routine extremely funny, the family laughed _____________ along with the rest of the crowd.

(A) lot

(B) hysterically

(C) crazy

(D) guffaw

Correct Answer hysterically

Q .72 The detective’s ability to ________ makes it easy for him to scare suspects into confessing.

(A) bluff

(B) stuff

(C) enough

(D) cough

Correct Answer bluff

Q .73. Moving to the city was eye-__________ for the straitlaced country girl.

(A) clearing

(B) freeing

(C) saving

(D) opening

Correct Answer opening


Q .74.  With a blood test, a physician was able to ___________ the woman’s pregnancy.

(A) term

(B) confirm

(C) firm

(D) confer

Correct Answer confirm

Q .75 At the meeting, the school counsellor will _________ me on some of my career .

(A) advise

(B) speak

(C) say

(D) listen

Correct Answer advise

Q .76 Boys and girls ________ enjoy playing with the building blocks.

(A) dislike

(B) like

(C) even

(D) alike

Correct Answer alike

Q .77 It took several men to ________ the fallen tree out of our yard.

(A) erect

(B) establish

(C) haul

(D) rivet

Correct Answer haul

Q .78 If you write a forty-page essay in one night, you’ll accomplish a huge _______.

(A) treat

(B) feat

(C) fleet

(D) beat

Correct Answer feat

Q.79 To ensure a _________ reply, please include all pertinent details in your email.

(A) prompt

(B) efficient

(C) tardy

(D) strange

Correct Answer prompt

Q .80 The survey provided the company with a wide __________ of feedback on its products.

(A) spectrum

(B) option

(C) choices

(D) colours

Correct Answer spectrum

Q .81.  The psychopath gets a ______________ sense of enjoyment from torturing animals.

(A) perverse

(B) agreeable

(C) happy

(D) reasonable

Correct Answer perverse

Q .82 When Jaspal got angry, he started to ____________ his feelings with his hands.

(A) participate

(B) immolate

(C) intoxicate

(D) gesticulate

Correct Answer gesticulate

Q .83. We feared the enemies attack because they ______________ everything in their path.

(A) satiate

(B) quench

(C) remedy

(D) incinerate

Correct Answer incinerate

Explanation -satiate – पूरा करना , quench – बुझाना , remedy – उपचार करना , incinerate – जला देना

Correct answer –((D) incinerate

Q .84  The president’s coterie of advisers was unable to offer him a ____________ to the national problem.

(A) solvent

(B) solute

(C) solution

(D) mixture

Correct Answer solution

Explanation – solvent – विलयन , solute – घुला हुआ पदार्थ , solution – समाधान , mixture – मिश्रण

Correct answer – ((C) solution

Q .85 Since my father was an _____________ from India, he brought his Indian culture and traditions to the United States with him.

(A) emigrant

(B) immigrant

(C) native

(D) citizen

Correct Answer immigrant

Q .86 At night, the winding roads can make driving up the mountain a ______________ journey.

(A) carefree

(B) beastly

(C) obnoxious

(D) treacherous

Correct Answer treacherous

Explanation – carefree – लापरवाह , beastly – क्रूरतापूर्ण , obnoxious – आपत्तिजनक , treacherous – अतुल्य / अविश्वसनीय / Incredible


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