Crack SSC CGL 2017 TIER-II Days-30

 Sr. No. Word   Meaning   Synonyms Antonyms
1.        Adjunct मिला हुआ/जुड़ा हुआ Complement Separation
2.        Inevitable अवश्य होने वाला/अपरिहार्य Unavoidable Unlikely
3.        Incongruous अनुपयुक्त/असंगत Inappropriate Compatible
4.        Incompetent असमर्थ/अयोग्य Inefficient Dexterous
5.        Inclination झुकाव/अभिरूचि Disposition Neutrality
6.        Impute आरोप लगाना Attribute Exculpate
7.        Liberal उदार/सहृदस Magnanimous Stingy
8.        Liable प्रवृत्ति/संभावना Accountable Unaccountable
9.        Lenient उदार Compassionate Cruel
10.    Lax असावधान/लापरवाह Slack Firm
11.    Mollify शांत करना/मुलायम करना Appease Irritate
12.    Molest छेड़खानी Paster Console
13.    Modest विनम्र /सुशील Humble Arrogant
14.    Nimble फुर्तीला/दक्ष Prompt Sluggish
15.    Niggardly लालची/कंजूसी से Miserly Generous
16.    Negligent लापरवाह Inattentive Vigilant
17.    Outrage अत्याचार/उपद्रव Offence Praise
18.    Outbreak विस्फोट/उद्वेग Eruption Compliance
19.    Ornamental शोभाकार/विभूषक Decorative Unseemly
20.    Prudent चतुर/विवेकी Cautious Impetuous


One-Word Substitutions

1.         Mortuary (शव ग्रह) A place where dead bodies are kept for post-mortem
2.         Mercenery (भाड़े पर काम करने वाला) One who does something for the sake of money
3.         Ephemeral (अल्पजीवी/क्षणिक) Lasting one day
4.         Incognito (वेष बदले हुए/गुप्त) Travelling under another name than one’s own
5.         Fragile (भंगुर) Easily broken
6.         Nostalgia (गृह-प्रेम) A strong desire to return home, home sickness
7.         Versatile (चपल/चंचल) Able to adapt oneself readily to many situations
8.         Monogamy (एक विवाह-प्रथा) The practice of marrying one at a time
9.         Bigamy (द्विपत्नीकरण) The practice of having two wives or two husbands at a time
10.     Polygamy (बहुपत्नीकरण) The practice of marrying more than one husband at a time



  1. Under the wire (just within the limit or deadline): The application reached the convenor under the wire.
  2. To turn up like a bad penny (to appear when one is unwelcome or unwanted): He turns up like a bad penny in every meeting.
  3. Over head and ears (deeply immersed): She is in love with him over head and ears.
  4. To turn a deaf ear (to refuse to help; to refuse to listen and consider): he turned a deaf ear to my request.
  5. To keep out of the way (to avoid facing somebody): She keeps out of the way when she sees me.
  6. To come into effect (to reach the stage of being operative): the new regulations came into effect last month.
  7. Deadlock (a state in which progress is impossible; complete standstill): The family dispute proved to be a deadlock in his life.
  8. Dead sure (definite): His success in this examination is dead sure.
  9. Hue and cry (noise; commotion): There was much hue and cry over her elopement.
  10. To cry over spilt milk 9to lament over what cannot be changed): Crying over spilt milk is useless.



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