Crack SSC CGL 2017 TIER-II Days-28

 Sr. No. Word   Meaning   Synonyms Antonyms
1.        Admonish चेतावनी/भत्र्सना/सलाह देना Counsel Approve
2.        Adherent समर्थक/अनुयायी Follower Rival
3.        Absolve क्षमादान/पापमोचन Pardon Compel
4.        Hamper उलझाना/बाधा डालना Retard Promote
5.        Invective आक्षेप/निन्दा Accusation Approval
6.        Instil धीरे-धीरे प्रवेश करना Inculcate Eradicate
7.        Insolvent निर्धन/दिवालिया Indigent Wealthy
8.        Judicious विवेकपूर्ण Thoughtful Irrational
9.        Jubilant उल्लासपूर्ण Rejoicing Melancholy
10.    Jovial प्रसन्नचित्त Frolicsome Solemn
11.    Knell मृत्युघण्टा/अशुभ सूचक Death Reconstruction
12.    Knotty कठिन/पेंचदार Complicated Simple
13.    Luscious स्वादिष्ट/सुमधुर Palatable Unsavoury
14.    Lure प्रलोभन Attract Repel
15.    Lunacy पागलपन/उन्माद Delusion Normalcy
16.    Mutual पारस्परिक/सहभावना Joint Separate
17.    Mutinous विद्रोही Recalcitrant Submissive
18.    Murky अंधकारमय Dusky Bright
19.    Numerous बहुसंख्यक Profuse Scare
20.    Nullify रद्द करना Cancel Confirm


One-Word Substitutions

1.         Fatal (घातक ) Causing death
2.         Fatalist (भाग्यवादी) One who believes in fate
3.         Transparent (पारदश्र्ाी) That which can be seen through
4.         Arsenal (शास्त्रागार/हथियारघर) A place for ammunition and weapons
5.         Cloak Room (जमाकक्ष) A place for luggage at railway station
6.         Granary (धान्यगार) A place for grains
7.         Hive (मधुमक्खी का छत्ता) A place for bees
8.         Kennel (श्वानगृह/कुत्तों के रहने का स्थान) A place for dogs
9.         Stable (अस्तबल) A place for horses
10.     Wardrobe (वस्त्रालय) A place for clothes



  1. With bated breath (with restrained breath because of fear, respect or awe): Seeing a road accident, he was left with bated breath.
  2. To go down the stream (to move down the river): The boat goes down the stream at a high speed.
  3. The light of one’s eyes (very dear): Every child is the light of its parents’ eyes.
  4. To see the light (to be born): Rohit saw the light in 1990.
  5. Sadder but wiser (having learnt something important from a mistake or failure): His failures have made him sadder but wiser.
  6. Safe and sound (secure and unharmed): The bus fell into a ditch but all passengers were safe and sound.
  7. With a high hand (in an arrogant manner or dictatorial manner): She runs her industry with a high hand.
  8. To try one’s hand (to test one’s skill or aptitude for): He tried his hand at business.
  9. To wash one’s hands of (to disclaim any responsibility for; to renounce interest in or support of): She washed her hands of the entire affair.
  10. The golden rule (a very important rule of conduct): Hospitality is the golden rule of life.



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